💑🌹 #Roti Flour vs Flower #Lmao 😂 #RealLife #LifeMessages

💑🌹 #Roti Flour vs Flower #Lmao 😂 #RealLife #LifeMessages

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Paradise is what you make of it!


Paradise is what you make of it!

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yea man


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CultureTRIBUTE: Elizabeth Peña (1961-2014)

Saddened to hear about the passing of Ms. Pena. The Cuban-American actress has been working in Hollywood for decades. Whether it was La Bamba, Jacob’s Ladder or Lone Star on the big screen; or L.A. Law, Resurrection Blvd and most recently Modern Family on the small screen, most viewers will recognize the her face. She’s had a long and solid career as a character actress. She will be missed. RIP.  IMDb Filmography here.

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my entire life

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